Coping With Covid


The Covid pandemic has impacted us all – emotionally and financially, home, school, and work. And if you already struggle with conditions like anxiety or depression, the stress and worry of Covid can be even more dangerous.

That’s why we’ve created this growing collection of expert articles and advice on how to steer your mind around Covid and its fallout.

Covid, grief, and your kids

Telling kids they’re not grieving unless they’ve lost a loved one during the pandemic sends an unhealthy message. From Healthline.

Covid and "Doomscrolling"

Doomscrolling is “the act of endlessly scrolling down one’s news apps, Twitter, and social media and reading bad news.” From Healthline.

Fighting Covid crisis fatigue

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a significant source of worry and stress for months now, with no end in sight. From Healthline.
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Grieving During COVID?

Grieving at any time in life is painful. Grieving during COVID is unprecedented. From Psychology Today.

Covid and your mental health

Experts agree that for the majority of us, the psychological and emotional impacts of Covid could be long term. From Psychology today.

A Covid Mental Wellness Toolkit

Self-care, stress management, and wellness practices to best ensure your continued health during Covid. From Psychology Today.