****ing Stress!

Could decades of chronic stress really be tamed with just five minutes of nothingness?

After Neal O’Farrell’s award-winning 40-year cybersecurity career finally collapsed under the weight of 30 years of chronic stress, and a nearly tragic ending, he decided it was probably a good time to figure out what exactly his stress was, where it came from, and how he could hack it, break it.

Three years of studying the psychology, biology, and neurochemistry of stress, exploring the dozens of ways to tame stress, experimenting with most of them to see if they really did work, and applying the risk management techniques he learned from a lifetime in security, he now leads a stress-free life. And it all started with just five minutes of sitting still and thinking about nothing.

****ing Stress! is what he learned (and that’s hacking, just in case you were wondering). In this series of videos, Neal covers virtually everything you need to know about stress:

  • How stress occurs in the body and how it affects the brain.
  • The toxic effects of stress-generated cortisol and how to manage it.
  • How mindfulness and breathing can almost completely tame stress.
  • 21 scientifically-supported ways you can reduce and even eliminate stress altogether.

The Great Burnout

A 2021 study from Vizier found that 89% of employees suffered from burnout last year and as a result, 70% would quit their current job because of it.

Another 2121 study, by Talkspace, found that 67% of employees who are ready to resign think employers have not fulfilled pandemic promises around mental health and well-being

The #1 cause of burnout is unmanaged stress.

The Great Killer

The American Psychological Association has described stress as a national health crisis and for good reason:

  • If left unmanaged it can cause more than a dozen mental and physical health problems.
  • It can contribute to depression, anxiety, and dementia.
  • It’s associated with the top six causes of death.
  • And it could be associated with more than 75% of doctor visits.

And it can also make our lives miserable, harm our relationships, impact our weight, and hurt productivity, decision making, attention, focus, memory, sleep, happiness, joy, and so much more. And saddest of all, it just doesn’t have to be that way.


I started to visualize stressors like an attack Heat Map – glowing bright red where the greatest concentration of stressors was coming from.




If you’re struggling with stress, in any ways, then this course is for you. And it’s free. Even if you don’t feel like you’re struggling with stress, this course could still be an invaluable way to learn how to become more calm, content, and even happier.

Welcome To ****ing Stress

What Stress Is And How It Works

How To Get Started

Fighting Stress With Mindfulness

Fighting Stress With Breathing

21 Science-Supported Ways To Tame Stress – Part 1

21 Science-Supported Ways To Tame Stress – Part 2

21 Science-Supported Ways To Tame Stress – Part 3


****ing Stress is available as a series of videos but can also be delivered an online workplace presentation. The onlines presentation can range in length from 45 to 60 minutes, with additional time for participant Q&A. The series of eight videos runs for a total of fifty minutes.

The online presentation can be delivered live by Zoom, and the video version can be branded and customized specifically for your organization and employees, and hosted by us or on your own LMS.


He’s advised half a dozen governments on national security issues, worked with the military and intelligence community, protected entire national banking networks, led the war against identity theft, took on the NSA, and yet he couldn’t protect himself from his own chronic stress.

After 50 years of struggling with a variety of mental illnesses, and 30 years of chronic stress as a result, Neal O’Farrell finally decided it was time to end his 40-year award-winning cybersecurity career and focus instead on mental health. His own and others. Learn more about him.


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If you’d like to learn more or just chat, reach out to Neal at neal (@) justgetagrip.co

After a year of navigating COVID, American workers are among the most stressed-out in the world, a new poll shows