It’s Time To Get A Grip!

This presentation could quite possibly be the most important one you ever participate in, in your life, because it will help teach you how to get a grip on the most important thing in your life. Your brain.

Chances are you owe your brain a massive apology because no matter how many times you look in the mirror, throughout your life, you rarely think of the brain behind the face. And yet, that three or so pounds of water, fat, and shear magic lodged right between your ears is everything that you are, ever were, and ever will be.

In this presentation, Neal O’Farrell will share what he learned about his own brain after it was ravaged by 50 years of mental illnesses and 30 years of chronic stress. What he learned about all the different things we can all do to manage mental and brain health, and what happened when he tried these therapies on himself.

In this presentation, Neal will also share:

  • How mental and brain health work and how you can take significant control of both.
  • How your brain makes it easy to just think your way to better mental and physical health.
  • What the happy hormones are and how you can trigger them even by faking it.
  • How to tame stress and save your brain from premature death.
  • How you can rewire and regrow your brain through things like breathing, mindfulness, meditation, kindness, giving, and gratitude.
  • How everything from food and exercise to music and learning work in your brain and make it healthier.
  • Why neuroscientists say that if you want to be the most successful in life, you just need to be kind.
  • How you can use mental and brain health to be more engaged and focused, preserve your cognitive skills, and ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • How things like metacognition and emotional regulation can be your best friends.
  • What the future of brain health will look like, from smart pills and brain implants, to hugging cows and eating magic mushrooms.




Neal O’Farrell advised half a dozen governments on national security issues, worked with the military and intelligence community, protected entire national banking networks, led the war against identity theft, took on the NSA, and yet he couldn’t protect himself from his own chronic stress.

After 50 years of struggling with a variety of mental illnesses, and 30 years of chronic stress as a result, Neal O’Farrell finally decided it was time to end his 40-year award-winning cybersecurity career and focus instead on mental health. His own and others. Get A Grip! is the result of that extraordinary journey. Learn more about him.


“We could not find a better way to help articulate our March 11th 2021 #SVBTA Event Speaker’s Smart and Charismatic style, so … here he is! Take a minute to listen and imagine the Great Value that you will take-away when you attend: “Get A Grip! Taming The Emotional Chaos In A Disrupted World” Neal received our Highest 2019 Attendee Satisfaction Survey Results. 95% Overall Value and 93% Education Value. Huge.”

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