Online Training Samples

Below are some short samples of the hours of training videos Neal has created around mental and brain health and stress management.

With his own fully-equipped studio, Neal is able to customize and brand every video, including adding custom welcome messages for employees and other audiences, logos, and a password-protect site where employees can access all of the videos.

****ing Stress

Stress was originally gifted to us to help keep us out of the jaws of sabre-toothed tigers. The tigers are gone, we hope, and yet the stress remains. And it’s as corrosive as rust. And just in case you were wondering, hacking.

Just Breathe

Most of us take up to 25,000 of these every single day, and yet most of them are wrong. And yet if we could only make them right, our bodies and minds would be ever so grateful – and long lasting.

Gratitude And The Brain

The only thing better for your mental health than having a crateful of gratefuls is saying you have. Gratitude is one of the most powerful secret weapons in the fight against stress. And ingratitude.

21 Science-Backed Stress Busters

OK, so there are probably more than 21 but if you can manage even a handful of these, you probably won’t have any more stress to work on. How about doing nothing, daydreaming, saying no, and chewing gum?