The Happy Place

Mastering The Art And Science Of Happiness

Let’s start by reassuring you that the role and importance of happiness, in our personal lives and at work, have been grossly underrated until recently.

Ask humans what they most want out of life and chances are most will say happiness. Then ask them what happiness means, what it would look like, and the answers are likely very different.

Defining Happiness

Even if it means different things to different people, the one thing most of us have in common is that we just want more of it. More.

Happiness And The Brain

Hard to believe that happiness is really just about brain chemistry. The trick is to figure out exactly how that chemistry actually works. More.

How To Be Happier

It’s actually quite easy, if you just learn what it takes. We have dozens of suggestions that you can practice every day. More.
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Happiness And Work

Learning to be happy at work is not just great for you and your co-workers, it’s also great for your career and job satisfaction. More.

The Escape Room

Sometimes happiness just means escaping for a while, even if it’s just virtually. Our Escape Room features videos and music that will help guide you back to a happy place. More.

Free Happiness Courses

From Yale to Berkeley, you can learn to master happiness. Online, at your own pace, and completely free. More.

SO JUST HOW HAPPY ARE YOU AT WORK? Take the Happiness At Work Quiz from the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley and find out


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